Philosophy: ‘A long-term and holistic response to our current predicament’ -President Higgins

At a reception for Philosophy Ireland at Áras an Uachtaráin, President Michael D Higgins’ called for philosophy to be taught in schools, and promoting it in society, to enable citizens “to discriminate between truthful language and illusory rhetoric”. You can read the report here


We need to start talking about the ‘meanings’ of life

World Philosophy Day, which takes place this Thursday, is one of the more neglected anniversaries in the calendar.

Last year it fell on the same date as World Toilet Day, a synchronicity that might have insulted some philosophers but had a certain logic.

As UCD lecturer Dr Áine Mahon pointed out, when launching the new organisation Philosophy Ireland last August, philosophy can be seen as a type of “plumbing”.

Attributing the analogy to veteran moral philosopher Mary Midgley (97), Mahon said beneath the surface of our culture was a complex system of ideas and concepts that “sometimes goes wrong”.

Said Mahon: “If our concepts are working badly . . . begin to drip through the ceiling and swamp the kitchen floor it’s at that moment that we phone for the philosopher”.  Continue reading