Forgiveness a poor substitute for justice, but it can play a role in Ireland’s recovery

Joe Humphreys          –          April 4th 2013          –          The Irish Times

As cack-handed apologies go, Sean Dunne’s takes some beating.

Having just sought bankruptcy in the US, leaving behind debts of €185 million with State agency Nama, and a multiple of this with other creditors, he proclaimed: “I am truly sorry that any decisions I made contributed to any Irish person’s economic woes.”

And then he starting talking like a man accustomed to wandering about fairways. “If life is equated to a game of golf, I feel I still have the back nine to play,” he told the Sunday Independent.

“I can always say to anyone that we did our best and came up short but now we move on . . . As in golf, life itself is always about the next shot,” he told The Irish Times.


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